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Packaging Design


Following on from the success of Co-Branding with Stormsure, Stormsure is leasing out it's expert in-house design team to help design any type of packaging for any product.
When you go to an agency, sometimes you are left wandering if they truly understand your needs as they are not involved in the manufacturing process of your product. Going backwards and forwards can be very frustrating when you only want the best for your product and is a pivotal part of a product succeeding or not is in the packaging and the design.
Are you also actually getting value for money taking a gamble on design agencies that don't really understand?

Stormsure is a manufacturing company that has been producing and launching products all year, every year for the last 20 years. We understand the importance of this part of the process.

Stormsure can help from the initial concept right though to product launch and then give advice on marketing and advertising afterwards.

Heres's what we can do for you:

  1. Consult about your needs. We take time to learn about your product, the manufacturing process, lead times and cost expectations.
  2. Source your packaging. We can source any type of packaging from tubes to boxes.
  3. We can design some or all of your packaging including logo design if required.
  4. We have experience in all the legal requirements of product packaging. We will advise on the boring legal stuff that is required to go on to packaging as well as creating and setting up barcodes forthe product which will be an internationally recognised barcode which can be used in shops.
  5. Arrange printing and look after the whole process including delivery to where ever you require them in the world.
  6. Advise on packing times and how and who to do the packing so the products are 'sale ready'.
  7. Advise on sales and marketing strategies if you require them.

Other things we can help with are:

  1. International translations if you products are being sold in specific countries around the world.
  2. Advise on the best packaging when the products go throught postal systems both in the UK and internationally.
  3. Advice on how to sell and send your products internationally and the postal requirements.
  4. Advice on selling your products through online marketpalces such as Amazon and Ebay.

We specialise in brand creation, recognistion and protection. We help you create and design your brand and then protect it!

This is what makes us unique. Because we have been there and done it before and are still doing it!

Stormsure has a long standing successful record of producing and launching many types of products with different packaging, including blister packing, cardboard boxes, cylindrical packaging, plastic bottles, metal bottles and many more...

Please contact us today to discuss further and see if Stormsure can help you bring your product to market.



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