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International Deliveries

Europe - here's a brief overview of what is changing.

As we all know the UK has left the European Union which means sending goods into the EU has changed.
We know this has been a challenging time for businesses to get to grips with the new system. There has been long delays at customs which has been frustrating for businesses and consumers alike.

This all abaout to change.......again!

The European Union is introducing a new VAT e-commerce package and this is scheduled to come in to force on 1st July 2021 with the aim to reduce admin burdens and increase efficiency.
The new system, known as the One Stop Shop (OSS), is bringing about significant changes to the VAT treatment of B2C trade across the EU which businesses must understand to prepare for the potential impact of OSS.

From July, VAT will be charged on imports to the EU regardless of value. This means the exemption for goods valued up to €22 no longer applies.

VAT will apply at the rate of the buyer’s country of residence. It is not the same for every country.

For goods valued up to €150, businesses can use the IOSS

When importing goods valued €150 or less, businesses will be able to charge VAT at the point of sale by using the EU’s new Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS). This excludes goods subject to excise duty.

Alternatively it can still be collected from the receiver, but the IOSS is designed to make the process smoother, helping to avoid unexpected customs and carrier admin fees for your customers.

What does this means to you when you order from Stormsure?

Stormsure is located in the UK so all orders we send into Europe will be subject to import VAT regarless of value and country.

Stormsure is registered with the IOSS and we have our own EU IOSS VAT ID.

Stormsure will be collecting VAT on every order we receive from the EU (at the point of sale). This then enables us to pay the VAT to the IOSS whom then distributes that money to the relevant country.

When we send our parcels into Europe, because we have our own IOSS ID which will be marked on the parcel and/or electronically means it should pass through customs much easier and quicker.

This should give our customers peace of mind that their order will arrive securely and efficiently.

We send all international orders with tracking so we can monitor the progress of the delivery. this tracking information is also sent via email to the cusotmer when it is dispatched.

Delivery times into Europe should be between 4 and 10 working days depending on the country.

The rest of the world.

Delivery to the rest of the world has not changed and will continue as normal.

All orders will be charged at Zero % VAT.


Couriers we use:

Royal Mail Royal Mail

For Parcels up to 2kg.

We will use Royal Mail in the first instance whilst it travels through the UK to the airport.

The parcel will then get handed over to the local postal service in the particular country the parcel is to be delivered. For example, in the USA, it will get handed over to USPS etc etc...

The tracking information you receive via email will also be able to be used on those local postal service website tracking pages.


For Parcels over 2kg.

Stormsure uses UPS for all international parcels weighing more than 2kg.

UPS is a very efficient courier service and delivery to any where in the world is within a week but often only a few days.

Prices for UPS can vary and does increase the bigger the parcel sent and also the weight of the parcel.

We will collect VAT where applicable to make sure of a smooth delivery process.


Usually reserved for larger orders. For Parcels over 2kg.

On occasions we will use DHL for some countries in particular or if a customer specifically asks for it.

Prices do vary and can only be calculated when we know the exact size and weight of the parcel.


For Re-Sellers and Larger Orders

If you are a reseller of our goods, we aim to dispatch your order within one week of the order being received.

We will contact you to discus delivery options and prices will vary depending on the size of your order.

If you have your own courier service and would like to arrange the collection yourself, then you can do that.


For more information about your delivery please

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