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Co-Branding with Stormsure



We have made many changes in the last few years at Stormsure from packaging changes, website re-vamp, increased marketplace listings around the world, re-branding, new product launches and we've even moved premises to increase production but perhaps one of the more successful and exciting additions with our customers is the introduction of co-branding. We offer customers the ability to partner with us and offer own and/or co-branding solutions for packaging and also in some cases the tubes and tapes, whatever the requirement, we are able to help.

The products are loved so much by people that we have had a number of requests asking if they can brand some of the products themselves and sell the products as their own.

The simple answer is.....Yes!

All we ask is that somewhere on the packaging it does state"in partnership with Stormsure".

We value our partnerships with our customers, whether it be one person as a consumer or larger wholesalers and distributors and look for innovative ways to make our products more accessible to everyone.

The most important thing to us is that people have easy access to our products at excellent prices all over the world.



We look forward to working with you!