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Stormsure is proud to introduce and announce it's exclusive partnership with a brand new and exciting tube filling company, called Tubeworx.

In the past, Stormsure has had all of it's adhesive filled into aluminium tubes outside of the UK, mainly in China. Then the tidious job of importing and exporting large quantities of hazardous material around the world which is complex, expensive and very time consuming.

Due to a couple of reasons, increased demand being the main driving force but also because of outstanding growth and the complications of international logistics in recent times (due to the pandemic), Stormsure has had to think quickly and bring the manufacturing process much much closer to home.

So close in fact, Stormsure has decided to launch a sister company which will handle all of the maunfacturing right here in the UK. You guessed it...Tubeworx!

Tubeworx is a new UK based filling company. Tubeworx can fill aluminium tubes, plastic tubes, plastic and glass bottles at a much faster and more reliable rate than any supplier we have used before and we have full control over it.

Having Tubeworx on the same premises as Stormsure and a crossover of staff, we can handle all of the manufacturing process right here under one roof.

We have invested heavily in staff and machines and now can produce 10's of thousands of tubes and bottles every day to keep up with demand.

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Tubeworx will also be able to fill not just glues and adhesives for Stormsure but for everybody else also. It can even fill foods and cosmetics into plastic or aluminium tubes, liquids into bottles and many more.

We the combines resources of Tubeworx and Stormsure, Stormsure is in a unique position to keep up demand, launch new and exciting products for ourselves and others at the most competitive rate.

It ireally is a game changer for here in the UK. There is nobody else in the UK who can offer the quality and services that Stormsure and Tubeworx can.

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